Never in the past has there been such
diverse knowledge about mankind as today –
and never before has so little been known
about being human as today..

                        - The Philosopher Martin Heidegger –

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Being human! - What is that?





U. Faulstich / D-Geretsried


 P. Hoffmann / D-Greiling


I. Michalik / Germany

Inspired by past, present and personal happenings, we ask ourselves this question again and again. We are a group of 10 female and male artists between 16 and 70 years old. Our love of painting unites us. We create paintings for exhibitions based on themes agreed on by us.

Each one of us has the freedom to create this in his or her own way and to present it with an explanatory text. Our group of artists is called TölzerART named after our home town Bad Tölz which is nestled south of Munich on the edge of the Alps.

Our last painting happening was under the heading “ being human!  What is that?”

Many questions became obvious: What makes human thinking and acting so special? – “positive as well as negative”-. An exciting, never ending subject which even after finishing the paintings still leaves ample room for reflection.

Encouraged through many talks and discussions with visitors to our exhibitions we developed the idea to send this theme around the globe.

The question is: Is ‘being human!’ dependent on or influenced by culture – country – people – continents - religion – age -  gender – personal situation – or not?

The idea of the experiment is to collect works of art from all over the world which, in conveying the artist’s own individual ideas and thoughts, attempt to answer this question and so promote understanding for one another.

Anyone who desires to create a painting on this topic ‚Being human – what is that?’ and to add his own thoughts in writing, is welcome to participate.

It would be nice if you send us your ideas expressed in a work of art. Your personal “statement” to this subject will contribute to finding an answer to the questions asked. We are planning a touring exhibition with the pictures and words sent to us. Many visitors will have the chance to see your work and take home your thoughts.

Warm regards wherever in the world you may be


Inge Friedl

for TölzerART

Specification for pictures and word creations

Theme: Being human! - What is that?
Material: canvas, wood, cardboard, paper, fabric, …
paint brush, colour, collage, natural products
(free decision)
Size: free
Picture: your personal idea to the theme
( one picture per artist )
Words: description of your thoughts through the statement of your picture
languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Artist / text: submit name, age, gender, picture ( if available ),
personal description, address

Acceptence for participation:

latest until December 31, 2002
( this date is important for planning the exhibitions )

Submitting your work: latest until March 31, 2002
Shipping: rollled is acceptable, we will frame it for the exhibitions
How to contact us: by mail TölzerART
Inge Friedl
Oberer Schuß 13
D - 83646 Bad Tölz
Fon/Telefon: +49 – 8041 - 93 71
Facsimile/Fax: +49 – 8041 – 93 71
Languages / in writing: Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch
Languages on the phone: Deutsch und Englisch
Remain of your picture

The group TölzerART is a group of private artists who initiated the campaign
“Being human! what is that?” for non-profit reasons only.

You give us your picture without any costs for our campain in 2003 and 2004. Afterwards  the pictures will be sold in the name of the artitst and will donated to humanitarian organisations. 

Please understand, that we bear any costs. We will organize  the frames and the exhibitons. 
A purchase of pictures will be the absolutly exception.

Of course we will inform you of the outcome to our question and the response from the visitors. You will find in internet a representive collection of pictures and list with all pictures sended us (Artist - Title - prefered humanitarian Organisation - status).

Thanks to all citizen of the world. 

Inge Friedl

for TölzerART
A project for the following humanitary organisations

German Agro Action

Medecines sans frontieres

For the human rights

Against hunger and disease

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Being Human I
motives Tölzer ART

The first results. With the eyes of our kids
comin soon

Tölzer ART



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